About us

x-Dimension Center for Medical Research and Translation was an innovative medical team, established in partnership with Asia University and Georgia Tech to specialize in 3D printing.  Mainly consists of professionals from Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, China medical University Hospital, and Asia University, we gather talents at home and abroad who specialize in medicine, biomedical engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, material, biochemistry, and industrial engineering to form an interdisciplinary team.  We conduct advanced research and development of 3D printing medical technology through research and clinical verification.  In addition, we introduce the latest intellect and technology and develop customized biomedical equipment and foresighted products to benefits patients and the public.  Our vision is to become the first R&D organization in Asia that can utilize personalized medicine, develop and implement high quality medical service,

enhance the global visibility of China Medical University and medical system, and expect to achieve high standard medical R&D application.


  1. An advanced and globally-connected research institute in 3D Printing medical research and development
  2. An implementation center for innovative 3D Printing medical advance
  3. A training ground for nurturing interdisciplinary 3D Printing medical talents
  4. An organization for business professional training in 3D Printing medical industry
  5. An implementation center of national 3D Printing medical projects
  6. A value-adding consultant for 3D Printing medical industry